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Meet Kelly

Founder of EliteLifestyleNutrition and

Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Kelly the founder of EliteLifestyleNutrition and a registered dietitian nutritionist with a background in mental health counseling and medical nutrition therapy from NYU. I have worked in acute care settings as well as community based and counseling settings. What that means is that I have lots of hospital based training that has built the backbone of my science and clinical knowledge, and lots of counseling practice to help effectively deliver that science to my patients. I have worked with a variety of different types of clients and illnesses but specialize in working with individuals who have eating disorders.  I take a mindful eating approach to help my clients better understand their eating habits and make positive changes. I utilize skills from my counseling background and integrate family based therapy for my adolescent population. I incorporate skills from cognitive behavior therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to teach my patients to have tools to help them on their journey towards  recovery. 

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